I Remember

I’m in 5th grade. I’m living with my dad and I don’t have many friend at my french imersion school. I did end up making some great friends. They were Sweedish and a tad older then me, but oh my! did I love them! Ulf Ekberg (Buddha), Jonas Berggren (Joker), Jenny Berggren and Malin “Linn” Berggren AKA Ace of Base played on repeat in my room, my livingroom, my dad’s car and my beautiful yellow walkmen (R.I.P) for at least 6 months. 16 years later, it’s still nothing short of amazing. Well the old stuff is anyways…


Our bestie Sarah Jessica Parker is a regular on the cover of ELLE magazine. The second Sex and the City movie probably having something to do with this, I still think the photos as amazing! I love the Dr. Marten look with the studs and the fact that they managed to make it very feminin. To see more






6 years ago I met Eva while working at a summer camp in Vancouver. Eva has cystic fibrosis but that has never cramped her style, her vibrant personality, her contagious laugh and her passionate mind. Eva had a double lung transplant on October 23rd 2007. Knowing Eva has changed my life.

65_redroses is a documentary by two young filmmakers straight out of UBC, Philip Lyall and Nimisha Mukerji. They followed her before, during and after the transplant. They gave a voice to one of the most inspirering woman I know, a girl with quite the story to tell.

Here is Eva…

The movie will be airing on CBC on November 16th at 10pm. You can see the trailer here.



This week in the weekly paper Le Voir, there is an interview with the Head of the T-Unit, Kelly St-Pierre. It gives you a preview of our first photoshoot by Vincent Tsang! The photos will be on the site real soon.

Read the article to discover what’s coming up on the site, as well as the origin of our crew’s name!

The issue features Marc-André Grondin on the cover, another reason to pick it up!
You can also check it out on their site by clicking here

Apprentie couturière!

Voilà que j’entre dans vos vie! Mon rôle: vous apprendre à modifier un banal t-shirt d’homme et de le transformer pour le rendre juste mieux! À l’aide de quelques étapes, d’une machine et d’un peu de patience vous pourrez vous pavaner avec vos propres fringues fait maison!
Tous les détails après le saut

Cinema, cinema!


One festival after the other, one of the many reasons I heart Montreal. This time, it’s the movie lovers’ turn to be spoiled silly! The Festival du Nouveau Cinema started yesterday and will go on until October 18th. What I love about the FNC is that it’s so diversified. You’ll find documentaries, fiction films, animation as well as short films etc… There really is something to please everybody, from the experienced movie goer or the less adventurous courious. Visit the website for information on the many many films and for the schedule. If you’re looking for me, that’s where you’ll find me!

Blog Love


Paul Labonté écrit des livres et prend des photos, en plus d’être le maître du plus beau chien du monde. Comme il est un de mes bons amis, je m’étais déjà prêtée à un photoshoot inspiré du rap, qui requiérait des habiletés extrêmes en matière de “baloune de gomme”. Il vient tout juste de mettre quelques-unes de celles-ci sur son blog, un des lieux les plus courrus par les “cool guys” de ce monde.

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Louboutin with bubbles please

Paying hommage to an old tradition where men had to drink Champagne from a women shoe, Piper Heidsieck and Louboutin are launching a limited edition package that includes a bottle of Champagne and a glass shoe made by no other than Louboutin. A bit more appetizing than a worn stileto ;)

If you really want it, Colette will sell it as of October 26th.


The apple picking season has arrived, I am now wearing a sweater to go
out and it is already the time of the year for the POP Montreal
festival. With more than 300 performances in 5 days, it is the perfect
opportunity to discover new bands. Last year, I saw Passion Pit (while
they were only famous on the blogosphere) and it was one of the best
concerts I have seen in 2008. See you there!

Who’s Gonna Hunt Chris Brown Tonight?

Thanks to mister Arcade for sending me this. A true Youtube masterpiece!