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Our bestie Sarah Jessica Parker is a regular on the cover of ELLE magazine. The second Sex and the City movie probably having something to do with this, I still think the photos as amazing! I love the Dr. Marten look with the studs and the fact that they managed to make it very feminin. To see more




Apprentie couturière!

Voilà que j’entre dans vos vie! Mon rôle: vous apprendre à modifier un banal t-shirt d’homme et de le transformer pour le rendre juste mieux! À l’aide de quelques étapes, d’une machine et d’un peu de patience vous pourrez vous pavaner avec vos propres fringues fait maison!
Tous les détails après le saut

Louboutin with bubbles please

Paying hommage to an old tradition where men had to drink Champagne from a women shoe, Piper Heidsieck and Louboutin are launching a limited edition package that includes a bottle of Champagne and a glass shoe made by no other than Louboutin. A bit more appetizing than a worn stileto ;)

If you really want it, Colette will sell it as of October 26th.



Two of my favourite artists, from two different artistic worlds, are reuniting for Chanel’s Coco Cocoon collection. Yes, Karl Lagerfeld chose Lily Allen to be the face of the collection. The deluxe sportsbag collection includes shopping bags, purses, wallets, makeup bags, clutches and even key chains, in an array of colors; available in black, beige, chocolate, burgundy, taupe, grey, red etc… The man behind Chanel photographed Miss Allen himself and the result is perfectly Chanel and perfectly Lily! The collection should be in store on October 10th, birth date of yours truly, so you’ve got gift ideas!

As Seen On


Patricia Filed is best known for her work for movies such as “The Devil Wears Prada” and “Sex And The City”. It’s only obvious that we can’t leave her store without our 2 hands full of bags. Since her store is a bit far for us Montreal girls, you can visit her site and find everything you want!

Oh and in October, she will be selling those studded glasses Patricia was talking to you about, the ones Rihanna wears in Run This Town.

Does the Devil really wear Prada?

September is just around the corner. Who says September, says September issue of Vogue, one of the most important ones. The person behind the fashion staple that is Vogue has alway been a fascination for me and for all the fashionistas around the globe. The September Issue is a documentary that follows Anna Wintour in her work and her personal life. I must admit I’m quite excited to see what the life of Vogue’s editor in chief looks like! It hit New York theaters on august 28th, but there is still no dates for Montreal

I <3 Wildfox

Here’s “Young Guns”, the Spring/Summer 2010 lookbook from the californian brand Wildfox. The 80’s look featured by pretty Cali girls. For more info check here and follow their blog.


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Chic Stewardess


Megan McNierney x Marcelo Krasilcic for the ELLE Italy september 09. I love it!



Screw the shutter shades

Kanye popularized the shutter shades look last year but now Rihanna is coming up with a new trend, the Barracuda studded sunglasses (seen in “Run this town videoclip.) Designed by A-Morir, you can get them for 350 US dollars. Although it is not guaranteed that you will be able to see properly, you’ll be sure to be in fashion!


Violette Summer 2009


A very vampire-ish look book from the brand Violette by Vashtie Kola. The pictures are from 13th Witness and the collection is already available at Colette in Paris.

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